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The jewellike colours of tropical coral reefs or the tranquil beauty of a peaceful riverscape can be transformed into reality in your home or office space. With top quality products and professional workmanship, we can create an aquascape that is both stunning and hassle free.

To realise your dream, the highest standards in aquatic design and management are employed for proven success. From the initial planning stages, to the installation and ongoing care of your system, the knowledge, skills and resources will be used to make your aquarium a living awe inspiring feature.



Brad Cole, the founder and owner of Mr Hobbyfish has been creating natural wonders underwater for private homes, office spaces and industry expos since 2000.

Brad has been keeping and breeding fish, cultivating plants and coral for more than half his life, some of his charges (fish) are over 20 years old and are still happy and healthy.  

Extensive research, application of knowledge and technical expertise has been learnt over 20 plus years in the aquarium industry in Brisbane and South East Queensland (both private and retail).

Anything from services and consultations on existing aquariums, to the installation and maintenance of new systems, this professional mobile aquarium design, installation and maintenance service will bring natures beauty to you. We service Brisbane, Redlands, Logan and surrounding areas. 


With an ongoing commitment to ethical fishkeeping, we always have the best interests of your aquarium inhabitants in mind. Specialising in keeping fish, coral, invertebrates and plants healthy by the consistent monitoring of water chemistry, advice on stocking and feeding, along with precise information on fish and coral compatibility, we ensure that the hardest thing you have to do is enjoy your living art. 

Products and Services



As a valued client you will recieve the utmost care and consideration concerning your aquarium. We will always visit your premises on the same scheduled day as booked, and never send a new face without prior introduction.

We usually schedule fortnightly or weekly services, all according to your aquarium needs and your budget. Also a feature that takes the stress out of going away is our holiday service, which we offer our regular clients, including feeding and checkups of your system.

Once a service is booked in the following tasks will be carried out on each standard visit:

- Syphon detritus from gravel bed
- Change or clean filtration media
- Clean glass and lids
- Water quality tests and record in logbook
- Water change and top up
- Check that all equipment is running properly
- Check fish and coral/ plant health

How much should I feed my fish?


It is easy to overfeed your aquarium inhabitants as they will ask for food whenever they catch a glimpse of you. A good guideline is twice a day and only as much as they can eat within 5 minutes without much falling to the bottom.  

This also gives you the opportunity to watch your tank, make sure everyone is eating and all accounted for and in good health.You may need to target feed some fish such as bottom feeders with pellets or wafers daily.

Also some fish species such as anthias need smaller more regular feedings. There are a wide range of quality foods available, both frozen and dry.

Mr Hobbyfish uses and recommends Hikari/Fish fuel frozen foods and Tetra or Sera dry foods(flakes/pellets). Always give your fish as varied a diet as possible, remembering if using frozen food to defrost first and add a little at a time.

HINT: Drop some garlic elixir such as Seachem Garlic Guard onto your fishes frozen food while defrosting, it is a proven disease preventative and appetite enhancer.

How many fish can I have in my aquarium?



This is a difficult question as there are many variables to take into account, such as size of your aquarium, filtration, what type of fish(fresh or salt), compatability(with other fish eg predators and inverts) and proper maintenance regimes.

A helpful way of looking at this is to realise that the larger the aquarium the less restricted with stocking you are. Although the more fish you put in the heavier the workload for your filter and/or water changes to cope with.

Every fish produces waste, and along with feeding can quickly create unliveable conditions and possible disaster.  

One of the mistakes most often made is to buy juvenile fish without researching how large they will grow. One of the first purchases you should make is a guidebook for aquarium fishes, one of Mr Hobbyfishes favourite reference tools is "Marine Fishes" & "Reef Aquarium Fishes", both by Scott Michael with information on compatability, sizes and feeding.

Mr Hobbyfish is always available to discuss fish purchases with clients and can give accurate advice 24/7.


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